Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It

This is it. It's over. Get ready for the most insane year of your life. 5 years. 10 years. One day you will look back at your life right now and think about how easy it was, how innocent. We are on the cusp of total collapse, right at the precipice.

If you're like most people you probably have already decided that I am exaggerating without knowing why I am saying this. Well let me make it clear that I also wish I was exaggerating. I don't sell survival equipment or gold. My job is not recession proof. I have a family. I didn't wake up today and randomly decide to declare that this is the end of life as we know it. But I do research. I make calls and tune into radio, scouring the internet for news clips and analysis. I make a concerted effort to only quote trustworthy sources. The information that has emerged over the past few days confirms fears that this is actually an "Armageddon" event. I am being completely serious.

Check it: The oil, spewing out at 20,000 to 70,000 psi, and the sediment within it has eroded the very walls of the well itself in several areas. This means that this is now an uncontainable gusher that is literally spewing oil up from dozens of sites across the gulf floor. The massive oil pocket tapped under immense pressure is now spewing out into the seabed. Capping the well does nothing. The oil pocket is tapped, the pipe is eroded and the oil is now spewing up to the ocean floor with intense pressure. Plumes are being generated everywhere. They cannot stop this. Human technology cannot contain a liquid at that pressure, especially at that depth under the ocean. We simply do not have the technology or know-how to fix this. We don't. The relief wells are essentially useless now because the original well cannot be plugged so oil will always flow out of it regardless of how many other wells they dig. They needed to get into the pipe, fill the old pipe with mud and cement and then divert the oil into the new well. But because the tapped oil pocket is sand blasting itself routes to the surface that grow each day in diameter due to the eroding walls and passageways, there is no "well" to fill. That is because whats left of the well is already dissolving. And each day that passes until they drill their so-called "relief wells" will only see the oil finding new routes through the escapes it has carved through erosion of the pipes and rock. Thad Allen, the head of the US Coast Guard, has said that the oil isn't all flowing up the pipe anymore but is now "in communication" with the seabed and the surrounding soft rock formation. It is now blasting its own wells.

Ya, that's bad, but that isn't even the scary part. Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and other toxic gases are also spewing out along with the oil. In concentrations hundreds and thousands of times greater than what is considered safe for humans. Lethal levels. When the hurricanes come they will absorb this toxic seawater and drop it as rain. Literally toxic rain. Let me guess, toxic rain doesn't scare you. The biggest threat is already actualized with the chemicals entering the atmosphere and being carried around by the wind.

“The media coverage of the BP oil disaster to date has focused largely on the threats to wildlife, but the latest evaluation of air monitoring data shows a serious threat to human health from airborne chemicals emitted by the ongoing deepwater gusher,” the Institute for Southern Studies blog reported on May 10.

Any one of these chemicals in these concentrations would be lethal. Mixed together it's truly unthinkable.

The fragile US economy, in the midst of a feeble attempt at a jobless recovery, overstretched by war and out of control spending is not equipped to handle a disaster of this magnitude. No country in the world could. Remember how well they handled the Katrina thing? This makes Katrina look like a grade school fire drill. Well I wonder how well they will do this time as they prepare to evacuate entire cities and states. See this and this. Once the evacuations begin the markets will tank. Once people are forced to grasp what is happening around them the global economy will come to a screeching halt as it's engine, the USA, sinks into the throes of the worst environmental disaster in the history of the world. This will cause a dollar confidence crisis. Enraged citizens will riot and loot with no hope of a decent life ahead of them. Martial law will be declared.

They have no way to stop this, only a theory that maybe a nuke would implode the oil pocket. Ya, we're talking about nuking the earths crust under the ocean. Eventually the oil will make it's way around the world as the entire oil deposit is unleashed into the ocean.

Are you buying the crap coming from BP? The bogus press releases and the downplayed assessments? They've been lying through their teeth, censoring the media and destroying evidence. If you trust them, you have some problems.

BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath Sea floor


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  2. John, let's not paint it all that black.

    Yes it will be enormous disaster and unfortunately it's taking longer than expected to stop it (similar as the previous incident in the 70ies) but we should remain optimistic about the relief wells working in August. I really hope.

  3. If it continues to the degree you have spoken of, which states will be most adversely affected with air quality?

  4. - Could this be what the caskets, FEMA camps and domestic military are for


  6. Excellent post. It mirrors my sentiments exactly. I cannot believe how blase people are about this, even folks living in Florida. Many people believe it will get into the loop and dissolve at sea. No one understands that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only can the flow not be stopped, but eventually when the 100 million barrels (4.2 BILLION GALLONS) flows out (or maybe even before that), the shelf above will collapse, creating a devastating earthquake just a few miles away from the largest oil field in the world and the fury we see now is nothing compared to what happens when an oil field estimated to have one billion barrels (42 billion gallons, ten times the capacity of the present disaster) begins to purge its contents.

    I have urged my family (Floridians on the Gulf) to evacuate immediately, before the mayhem kicks in.

  7. This is great writing, congratulations on getting an invite from

  8. The states need to kick BP outta there and commandeer their resources so that someone with technical know-how AND good intentions can come up with a solution. Obviously the Feds are in cahoots. I am not kidding: this needs to be done now.
    If you all aren't familiar, Revelation calls for an event that kills 1/3 of the oceans as well as a seismic event that knocks down all the cities of the world. This may be the conditions that meet that prophecy. We need to pray, but more importantly, we need to act.

  9. Hello John, I read your article from your blog on and I see you are taking notice of the gravity of the oil company disaster, I won't call it an oil spill. It is much greater or maybe even not properly called oil disaster at all. I have been digging into the marine geology of the Gulf of Mexico and have found that geologists and geology research programs from US and German and Mexican universitys have cooperated in many Research/Observation cruises into the Gulf of Mexico and made much video and many core samples that prove many things that aren't being paid attention to in the MSM.

    I think you would benefit taking a look at my blog for links to these universitys and professors and research abstracts. It will get you started and give you some hope and expand your understanding about what we're really faced with. Best wishes and thanks for your thoughtful post. Click on my name here above my comment to see my blog posts of many oil/geology articles.

  10. Great synopsis. Revolution will be picking up steam. This oil volcano will last until mother nature fixes it. Nuke will make it much worse.

    America the Babylon, this is the beginning of your judgment.

  11. I've been hearing from many places about the condition of the wellhead and the cracks in the seabed.Along with why Obama has not waived the Jones Act to bring in all the worlds tech resources to fight this.

  12. John, here's the place I started doing my digging into the geologist and university info.

    That will get you started with links and pictures of the research crew professors and students on the R/V Meteor 67 expedition of Feb. 20_April 24, 2006.

  13. WAS/IS it A result of a terrorist attack of Biblical worldwide proportions conducted by those destroying the Earth and leading to fufilling Rev 8 & 16 in progress?

    PS John, This post came up today on another blog you may find interesting.

    Deb Krekic
    Brooksville, Florida



    I think you will be comforted to know that our Creator will not let man destroy His earth. The destructive "renters" will be evicted so that good renters will take good care of this earth that is not ours, but His. We have a good future to look forward to.

  15. Do I detect a newer version of 'Chicken Little' here?

  16. I detect chicken little for sure. This is an electronic version of the guy standing on the corner holding a sign saying, "The end is near!"

    Oil wells are not 'limitless'. If they were, we would never have to drill another one. This one will blow out at some point.

    The spill of 1979, bigger than this one did not end life in Texas or Mexico. Nature has a way of repairing man's mess-up's better than man can. Some of the oil/sludge/tar from that spill is encased in ocean growth on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Where did the rest of it go? Reclaimed in some way by the ocean.

    This well is not tapped into the 'whole' of the inside of the earth and 'she's gonna blow!'. Don't think so.

    It's amazing that the Internet is full of opinions of people that have nothing better to do that spew out junk on their keyboard. I have a job... speaking of that, I have to get back to work.

  17. This is a terrible disaster, but the oil well, like you portray, will not continue to spew itself indefinitely. Common sense tells us that. Oil is biodegradable as well and will eventually dissipate after time. You make this oil sound too powerful. The emissions are very strong, but as the oil gets watered-down the toxicity will diminish too. The hurricane clouds are not a definite thing either because it isn't certain that a hurricane will occur in the Gulf. Likely, yes, but not definite. Your theories are speculative and you may be a good composer but your facts are blurry. So all of your writing talent is just in vain.

  18. Thanks for your comments everyone! Including the self-soothing naysayers! Go back to sleep America! Obama and corporate America will make it all go bye-bye. Oh ya, nature is just dying for another mess to clean up too. Good thing it's regeneration systems aren't already stressed. Let's only write about things that have 100% certainty of occurring. That's how you inform the masses.

  19. Oh come on John, look at the facts.

    Chemosynthetic organisms thrive on hydrocarbons derived from NATURAL oil leaks in the Gulf - see for yourself:

    Mother Nature leaks more oil than we do -- see for yourself:

    Itm ay be a disaster, but is far away from the end of the world.


  20. Equating "the end of life as we know it" with "the end of the world" is interesting. Do you subconsciously believe this is the end of the world? Vietnam was the end of life as we knew it, 9/11 was the end of life as we knew it. This oil disaster will be the end of life as we know it.

    These organisms you talk about have an interesting effect on oxygen levels, I recommend you research that. Nature is equipped to deal with slow leaks, true. But 70,000 barrels per day? How about Corexit? The lethal compound mixture? I think the problem here is we believe that we have all the answers and hold all knowledge. We believe ourselves to be invincible. History, however, would teach us otherwise.

    My favorite one here is the 1979 oil spill argument. "Hey, the Gulf has already recovered from a massive oil spill, she can take another!" Solid logic.

    Honestly, I appreciate the challenges. Open debate is what this is all about.

  21. So human to interpret and to sooth ourselves with god or the other god - science. This is a true catastrophe and neither god nor science will save us. This could spew oil for years, or not. In either case life as we know it has changed. It is clear - our system is broken, corrupt to the core and operated for the benefit of those who own our government.




  23. Good read. Not encouraging, but informative and (as I told my wife) right on the money. I've been researching this for a few days now and have come to the same conclusions: life will be altered by this event, this event is no longer just an "oil spill", and the powers-that-be aren't letting on even an inkling of what people probably should know (so they can get out).

  24. "God will destroy those who destroy the earth." Rev 11:18

  25. Too much of this stuff out in an oxygen-depleted sea and we also risk a shift to the anaerobic, hydrogen-sulfide bacteria normally held in check by their aerobic counterparts. This kind of shift is one of the prime suspects in the biggest mass extinction in the history of complex life: the Permian-Triassic.

    The 100 million barrels estimate quoted above is BP's public estimate of the Macondo Reserve; they do not know that for a fact, and if they do, they have plenty of incentive to lie about it.

  26. It has been said that..."Those that do not learn from history, ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT!

    American Hubris has been dealt a blow in the gut!

    The GULF of Mexico will be forever known as....THE DEAD SEA of North America!!

  27. a prophecy, and also listen to his other audios

    Every living thing in Northern Europe will die on or around the 26th of June (apparently)


  28. i have a question, how long till we won't be able to get out of florida, anybody? i am planning on leaving first week of july, will it be okay till then??

  29. I'd suggest leaving before the 1st of july, I'd leave as soon as possible. If july 1st is the earliest you can leave then so be it just take as many safety precautions as you can.

  30. I have been saying quite the same for sometime John but nobody wants to stare into the face of a rattlesnake! I have some similar information on my blogs. If anything John it is probably worse than you are trying to tell them it is.

  31. Then why didn't 'Life as we know it' end after the 1980 Mexican spill (in the Gulf), which was even larger than this one? An estimated 250,000,000 gallons of oil are spilled worldwide every year, I don't see life ending anywhere.

  32. John, it is very bad, but it can be stopped. The Russians have used nukes and have over a 60% success rate. A nuke detonation would compress and seal all the leaking vents and well.

    What you clowns don`t realise, is that this crisis was designed and it appears that Obama has not reached the point where he will consider taking a decision to close the well.

    The Israeli`s have put Middle East oil at the top of US geeopolitical considerations, by stopping all deep sea drilling.....think about it and digest!

  33. ... "This is it. It's over. Get ready for the most insane year of your life. 5 years. 10 years. One day you will look back at your life right now and think about how easy it was, how innocent. We are on the cusp of total collapse, right at the precipice."

    You are very much on the right track with the above quote. I suspect the beginning of this planned Armageddon occurred on 11th September, 2010 and has extended to the BP oil spill and multiple "natural disasters" including both Katrina and the most recent earthquake in Haiti. We - all of earth's people, are witnessing an all-out assault as war is being waged upon us, albeit clandestinely. This may in fact be the emergence of a Third World War, in a way that we have not expected. Where once, the color of your skin or your gender seemed to save you, there will be no such farce of a "safety net;" for, those who played with the big dogs shall now themselves be eaten by them.
    Listen-up people of the world: You ARE powerful. WE are powerful. Don't stop THINKING. The human mind is powerful. We can think our way out of any apparition. Use the power of thought.

  34. The unconventional warfare crowd started their mucking around at the end of the 60s. The fruits of their labor have been popping out ever since.

    In 1969 they funded the CIA to find a disease that would target the immune systems of victim populations. A dozen years later AIDS showed up.

    Even before, defoliants were tried in S. America and Southeast Asia. Weather warfare was only experimental then but I assume they got the knocks out.

    So now it's this.

    Look at it from THEIR point of view. John Doty points out rightly it's the end of life as WE know it... which means it's the beginning of the Good Times for those who arranged it.

    From New Mexico to Denmark we have reports of underground complexes capable of sustaining thousands of people in styly and luxury while "the troubles on the surface" smooth themselves out. Is that what we're seeing?

    "Alternative 3" was a UK television show now available to view online. Supposed fantasy about an elite preparing for doomsday with significantly more sophistication than anyone believed possible when it came out in 1977. Yet even then insiders said, "The details are fantasy. The basic idea is true."

    They might have been right.


  35. Dear John.

    I quote (from your article above):
    '..The oil, spewing out at 20,000 to 70,000 psi..'

    I quote (from description of effects of air-blast wave of an atomic bomb):

    '*At 1 PSI overpressure: Window glass shatters. Light injuries from fragments occur. Persons knocked down by blast wave. Typical houses made uninhabitable.
    *At 3 PSI overpressure: Residential structures collapse. Unreinforced masonry or brick walls are destroyed. Rupture of oil storage tanks. Serious injuries are common, fatalities may occur.
    *At 5 PSI overpressure: Most buildings collapse, except for concrete reinforced buildings. Injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread.
    *At 10 PSI overpressure: Reinforced concrete buildings are severely damaged or demolished. Severe lung and heart damage occurs. Many people are killed.
    *At 20 PSI overpressure: Heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged and demolished. Limbs can be blown off. Fatalities approach 100%.
    *At 80 PSI overpressure: Even heavily reinforced concrete is heavily damaged. Skulls are crushed, fatalities are total.'

    Are you serious about alleged '20,000 to 70,000 psi' oil pressure? How about common sense? Where did you have those ridiculous digits from? Don’t you think that those guys who told them to you are simply using your ignorance?

    I think this so-called ‘oil leak’ (that did not reach Florida famous beaches in more than a month and a half time despite hysterical earlier promises to reach them in only 3-4 days) is just a new story invented by the Freemasonic Order – which is going to replace the Al-Qaeda/Terror one (which is nearly exhausted) in the main capacity. It will work further to advance the freemasonic globalization agenda and to make total slaves out of those who have difficulties with elementary logic now.

    Using an opportunity, I strongly suggest you, John, and anyone else to google for Dimitri Khalezov video, download and watch it. Besides understanding of what really happened with the World Trade Center, you will have some clue about what is an overpressure of an atomic blast and what it could really do with steel, granite, and other materials from the mechanical point of view. After that you will take things much easier when you hear about alleged '20,000 to 70,000 psi' oil pressure.


  37. Hi John, It is clear that Dimitri doesn't have a clue what he is talking about when he rebukes the 20 000 to 70 000 psi. Dimitri needs to do some reading on the subject.

    John Doty Jr, you are spot on!! We are in big trouble, the affects of which humanity will soon reap. I only wish there was a sustainable solution.....
    Kind regards. Wayne Taylor

  38. I'm sorry, but there are so many misconceptions in the above article. I work in the oil industry (yes, the big bad oil industry).
    One thing the vast majority of people outside of the oil industry do not realise is that, every day, huge quantities of crude oil escape from the seabed by natural means. Every day, more crude oil seeps out through the seafloor than is being released by the BP gusher.
    Oil biodegrades. The gusher will be stopped, but it's seriously not that big a deal. Fear creates irrational thoughts.
    I'm British (yes, a big bad British), and one thing I find quite disturbing about you Americans is this: Every time a disaster happens, there are a whole load of mis-informed people who seemingly sit at home and wait for any opportunity to proclaim disaster and TEOTWASKI. Do you people all have some sort of death-wish? What is wrong with you? Get out and enjoy life.

  39. whats the point of assuming the worst? news sources like =saacha faal= Debka= presstv= ALWAYS distort thier info, and you do also. THe rest of us are not stupid, and dont need you trying to distort and assume. How new are you to media anyway? yes, men are trying to depopulate us, and soon, but dont react by distorting data and assuming and throwing it at us. you need an editor.

  40. The point of paying attention to the worst, or even the best in any given circumstance, is to ready one's mind to be able to brainstorm through any contingency. Burying one's head deeply into a sand pit is always an option for those who have barely advanced beyond infancy, but for all others who are interested in having even an infinitesimal base of comprehension about the world we are a part of, and how this world came to be in its present condition; not looking, is no plan of action.

  41. Remember what the Messiah said in Luke 24:25.
    Don't be among the fools.
    For those with eyes to see.
    There is a place of protection just as the prophets wrote about.
    Here is that place.


  42. RE: John said...
    I detect chicken little for sure. This is an electronic version of the guy standing on the corner holding a sign saying, "The end is near!"

    JOHN, baby - You need to pull your head out of the sand.

  43. Yemaya is angry, very angry. The solution is simple though few have the faith of a mustard seed... God sees all and remember how Rome fell in it's arrogance...will dream dreams and this is a instead of BLACK GOLD HOT GOLD for an interesting read. as in live by the sword die by the sword live with the oil die with the oil... Search General Education Fund and see that this will rock you fellers.......

  44. Furthermore, I digress though I have friend who through 2 steps that I have already forwarded to BP etal will stop the "Oil Spews" in 7 days. This requires 9 pennies and 9 pieces of purple fruit placed in a basket in any cemetery. I realize how odd and crazy it seems. 2nd step to appease Yemaya. 7 blue and white scarves, 7 blue necklaces, and 7 blue and white hand fans such as the chinese use, they should be placed in a blue and white container such as a porcelain soup container and drop near the spill by a woman who MUST have her head covered in white. I think this would be worth the effort and much less dangerous than the nuke option being floated about. I fully expect that you would assume this is from a nutcase though I have seen some supernatural things. As when I went to visit Dear Aunt at cemetery we threw 9 pennies and they disappeared into ground and stone markers. Yes I've seen ghosts though that was the first time during the day that year 2008. I was rasied Catholic and friend is Christian Orthodox and Santeria. Her father was Franciscan priest who left order. Her two sons were kidnapped and then taken away by a Judge Dungeon in DuPage who was transferred from traffic court to domestic to fix the case as her first lawyer said it was nothing he could do becasue it was fixed. Boyfriend who paid no support and was not listed on either birth certificate Mark Ziccarelli kidnapped her two sons while she was finishing ghostwriting book "Illinois Law for the Layman" for attorney Paul T Manion with Roque Anderson(who helped with research whom Mark "found online" and was Mark's lover and partner in crime. Truth is stranger than fiction though she has proof of the cross-dressing and illicit activities that the FBI said was too old and you wonder why the Catholic priests got away with their nefarious activities without much trouble in the being. See Conspiracy of Silence though I couldn't stomach more than a 1/2 hour of the 2+ hour youtube film. Unfortunately NAMBLA-type org is not a South Park parody and has allies in our system. "Better a millstone..." though her story makes the Changeling movie pale by comparison. I attended and graduated with our First Lady in 81 NHS. I'm glad that because I wanted to get married someday that I turned down the pressure to become a Catholic Priest by Aunt and Godmother who is PhD Nun. It's a sad state of affairs that our so-called "freedom of the press is for those that own it" and I paraphrase that. Sick of these chickenhawks and spinjocks who encourage our young brave men to fight to enrich their causes and profits and they are not without their bloodstainned agendas. Bombing and killing collateral people say who are non-geopolitical who wind up having a child or grandchild killed or maimed only fosters more enemies. Excuse me for going on too long though I am very weary and saddened though I can see through this charade of the so-called politicos. God sees what they do and they will be judged accordingly though I if I could I would wake up in an alternate universe and wuld have never imagined that the world would be so screwed up still after the early 70's and Nam era. Carpe diem... "To sleep perchance to dream" and "sometimes dreams are wiser than waking" I keep dreaming of rollercoaster rides... though different unlike the only reoccuring dreams of Enola pop. sign being blown away. Note Enola is across from 3- mile island Harrisburg, PA. I alerted authorities back in late 90's and heard that attack was averted in 2001. Peace be with you! RJ

  45. The Jewish bankers run the world. Then corporations. The common people need to realize these rich bastards are destroying the world, so they can eliminate 5 billion people. The poor bastards make everything they own. The por bastards massage their backs and clean their arses. They mow their lawns and they pump their septic tanks. We don't need rich people. They need us. As soon as martial law is declared you would think the people would start killing judges, lawyers, rich people and police. They will declare martial law, but they are outnumbered 1,000 to 1. If you people were smart you would leave this country and head to Europe or South America, because this country is finished.

  46. I agree with all these comments. To understand the world I live in I've had to become a professional ponologist with superior research skills. One has to connect and reconnect the dots constantly readjusting those connections. I believe good embodies itself and grows stronger while evil, having no regenerative abilities, consumes and destroys itself. The New World Order "elites" create and thrive on chaos. I am already hearing talk about "mankind extinct in 100 years" or "we need a new world system to solve our problems". It took man thousands of years to leave a state of nature and acquire constitutional government. Because we are not angels our checks and balanced form of government is the only thing saving us oppression and tyranny. In 1833, Alexis De Tocqueville in his two year journey across our young America, predicted our decline as a people when we retreated from our public bonds into a private life with no connerctions to each other. The internet is so important to keep us together. Now obama is talking about a "kill switch" to protect us from a terror attack (False Flag of course). I know their modus operandi" well after studying it for years. John, you're right on. It's time for me to drive three miles down the street from my house and park myself outside Nalco's headquarters in Naperville, Illinos (the makers of Corexit)with a sign accusing them of genocide against the American people. I better stop now before I really get pissed off.

  47. Why doesn't Pres "Buckwheat" use Patriot Act Homeland security powers to sequester all BP revenue effective on date of disaster. Who is stopping him from doing the obvious? Am I missing something abouy US power and politics?

  48. Just reading truth seekers.

    If you really want the truth. The Illuminati in US threatened china that if they don't lend them more money they will let the oil out.

    So the US sabotage their own well in order to black mail china. If you don't give us more money we will let the oil flow until everything in the ocean dies and much of the people in the world will starve to death.

    Toxic rain ... give me a break.

  49. God is life and Satan is death-you each choose which is your ideal-those who want inequity the greedy and power hungry who hoard wealth as others starve are not god-like, they are like Satan-satanists-as you make yourself rich-somthing else happens-the process requires that you destroy all God in yourself-all love-and you become like satan and unlike God-and like satan you destroy other life in the process-you cannot love or be creative or supportive of life-and so you have no happiness-the rich become sociopaths and yes they belong to the God they made in their mirror image=satan who answers the prayers to make them rich hoarders of unused wealth as others starve to death. God of love life creativity-equality who would give his only son to save others is not selfish-who told you to also give your coat to the thief who takes your shirt-who aids those in prison/about the camel and the needle, make your treasures in heaven not on earth-the rich are collectivly satan and they will destoy all life on earth-and make it a Hell for all others and in return they burn in Hell themselves-cast out from God and his love forever. No these rich people will do anything but destroy life-seek vengeance-think they are superior to all others-what they do to others they do to God-what does it profit the rich when they destroy their own soul in the process-look at their faces-and you will see satan-the opposite of God-pure evil.

  50. Hi John great article I've been talking about this on Facebook and with my friends and I have come to the conclusions you have.

    I want to address the "chicken little" accusations and the reference to the Ixtoc One spill in 1979.

    To say the Ixtoc One disaster was bigger then this spill is premature, as the current leak is discharging at a rate close to the '79 incident.
    The facts according to wikipedia
    The total volume of the spill was 3 million barrels which is 126 million gallons. The current leak is estimated at 1 million gallons a day Wall Street Journal April 30th so my math says by day 126 this will have matched the spill in 1979.
    Today is day 62, BP's current worst case scenario is 60,000 to 100,000 barrels a day at that rate this leak will eclipse the Ixtoc One spill today.
    I don't feel like I'm being a chicken little when the facts support what I'm saying.
    In two years when we see thousands of still born babies and new leukemia cases. When we see in the comming weeks and months thousands of acres of crops killed by toxic rain, birds dieing by the millions, whole towns coming down with mysterious illnesses. Then when hurricane season hits, oh man I hate to see what happens.
    I have family in florida I hope they get out of there before the worst comes.


  51. Toxic rain.

  52. There is a Demonic Face visible in the 911 WTC billowing smoke as well as in the billowing oil/gas cloud, spewing out of the capped riser pipe in the Gulf. Wassup?

    You can SEE! the actual photos of these demonic faces on my Blog (Gulf oil volcano) and website (911 burning WTC Tower). You can SEE! A LOT MORE than that in both places - IF you have eyes to SEE!

    Have you heard of the LHC and the ALIEN RACE?

    Do you know what Zionist Slimeballs are? - and where THEY come from? What are THEY up to???

    The keyword is DEMONS!

  53. PS "We now take you back to your regularly scheduled programming"! Do you know that you are being programmed? - and have been for MANY years!

  54. PPS Remember, THEY LIVE! - and you need enhanced vision to SEE! THEM

  55. "I once was blind - but now I SEE!"

  56. To those followers of Abrahamic religions: No, "Jesus", the "promised messiah" or "Allah" will not save us. We are paying the price for following childish fantasies. Yes, we are approaching The End, but "Jesus" will not appear again (he never appeared to begin with )

    But hey, if you think it is all "doom and gloom", just repeat to yourself this comforting mantra: "Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy." Soothe yourself with illusions and hey! A new episode of "So you think you can dance" will be on this week!

  57. Believe it or not - Believing is SEE!ing

  58. JFK was murdered by the same "people" who did 911, the USS Liberty attack and a bunch on other "nasties". He was murdered by his (crypto-Zionist) wife, Jackie. Check out "Reality Reviewed" for an analysis of the film.

  59. Nice bit of spin The Bollinger Hand,

    “Every day, more crude oil seeps out through the seafloor than is being released by the BP gusher.”

    That's like arguing that every day, flatulence from cows contributes more to greenhouse emissions than cars. The issue you're deliberately ignoring is that this is a concentrated incident over a relatively small area.

    Yes oil does biodegrade...eventually, but it happens very slowly and not before it has killed marine life and destroyed the ecosystem and the economy of the region.

    Furthermore, oil biodegrades so long as there is sufficiently low concentration. A large tar ball has significantly small surface area than a thin film of crude floating on the surface of the water.

    “I'm British (yes, a big bad British), and one thing I find quite disturbing about you Americans is this”

    You wouldn't happen to have retirements funds in BP by any chance would you? Speaking of disaster, how is it that Obama's popularity in Britain took such a a hit as a result of him taking BP to task?

    “What is wrong with you? Get out and enjoy life.”
    Sure, we just won't be doing it along the beaches of the Gulf ever again.

  60. God Loves America --- You Gotta Be Kidding !!!
    First off: The following link provides DOZENS of verses of Scripture to prove that it's Almighty God alone who has SOLE control over every aspect of the world's weather. And while other nations have had severe weather problems, the reason they do, is because they have gotten "cross-ways" with The Most High God. However, look around, compare these other nation's weather problems with America's - NEVER ENDING - weather problems. Then come back and tell me how much God Loves America". I'm serious, you need to read this ...

    Thanks and God Bless!

  61. Nice write up.

    Two things:

    1. The so-called fringe makes assessments. They are dismissed as crazy. Two to three weeks later the MSM is saying what the 'fringe' said in the first place. Ignore the 'fringe' at your own peril.

    2. When to evacuate. Having lived through several, I can tell you this. Those that leave early have the most choices about where they're going and what they can take with them. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes (think traffic jams, no gas, stalled cars -- RITA) and the more belongings you end up leaving behind to whatever fate. The last to evac ended up in FEMA camps or being rescued by the government, or just dying.

    So, the earlier you go, the more liberty you can exercise. The long you wait, the morel likely you are to become a dependent of the government. Not a desirable outcome for most people I would think.

    Panic early, beat the rush!

  62. To: the "Most High God" fanatic commenter:-

    Where is this alleged "Most High God" during not only these present times of peril in the world, but the hundreds of years, no, thousands of years of tragedies meted out upon earth's populations via wars, genocide, slavery, and on and on? If this god allows this world to fall into an abysmal sinkhole and watch as many people needlessly die in it, I contend he is not worth acknowledgment. And if this "Most High God" is him self a major party to the ills this earth is suffering then he is a bad-minded sadist, and is also not worth acknowledging. Third, if this "Most High God" is passive, and/or, impotent to make right, or rescue us from our suffering, whether they are a result of wars, tsunamis, earthquakes, or criminal corporations and governments, then why invest time and energy in a deaf, dumb, mute, impotent deity? In fact the more one surveys the evidence or the lack thereof, that there is truly a deity that shall "SAVE" us, the more it exposes religion as an insidious form of psychosis. Particularly if this deity purposely creates continuous ills in the world to show us who is boss, and/or that we need him. To any thinking mind, this god either needs a psychiatrist, and or very strong medication. Better yet, let this god continue to remain in lock-down inside his fantasy la-la-land psyche-ward which he calls heaven.
    And as to those who "follow" him/it e.t.c, help is not possible. For a follower of any nut-job is already many notches below crazy, and supremely unreachable.

  63. America is a nation of many minorities, the land originally belonged to the Indians and it was, let's be fair taken by force from them.
    May be, Biblically thinking, may be, when all of those many minorities go home, the Jews to Israel, the Chinese to China, the Germans et . etc. and the land going back to the original Americans may be that will calm a terrible wrath, looking like the wrath of G'd.

  64. I can't help but notice how this thread has taken on disturbing similarities to something akin to the 'Ellen Jamesians' (The World According to Garp) or the Capra film, 'Meet John Doe'.

    Mr. John Doty Jr., your proclamation of impending doom and utter hopelessness has spawned its own tributary (through other people)of radicalism and desperation disguised as analytical investigative thought (as well as 'A Doomer's Mantra' to cheer on the inevitable).

    You've created a bit of a blog cult, Mr.Doty.

    Now you either have to do a J.D. Salinger impression or hope the entropy you see as inevitable stands and delivers.

    Koyaanisqatsi, Mr. D....Koyaanisqatsi!

  65. ..."hope the entropy you see as inevitable stands and delivers?""

    Er, *Mass U.S. unemployment;
    *A governing body which refused to extend unemployment benefits to more than one million people last night, and which takes effect today June 25, 2010, possibly rendering that many people one step closer to being on the street.
    *An earth profusely bleeding raw crude and gases into the ocean and upon pristine beaches thereby cutting off thousands of Americans from providing for themselves and their children. *And to add yet more salt into the wound, an impending tropical storm, including a full fledged hurricane season threatening to create a new kind of havoc when mixed with the spewing crude.
    *In recent days, two men working for BP's clean-up effort committing suicide, one by gun shot to the head on his boat the "Rookie"... Erm, I think I will just stop here as this list could get quite extended.
    It is incredible to me that there are actually "people" who feel so removed from a connection to others, that they can afford to live in their luxurious mental cocoon, and from that perch, complain about others being alarmists.
    This world we live in, is in fact a living body. Like our bodies, when she experiences trauma, ALARM signals are sent out deliberately, in order to propel quick action to stop the damage. If one can not feel mental alarm if a limb is caught in a trains tracks as an oncoming train propels toward them, then we can do the math as to the potential result of just standing their whistling without a care. Pain is utilized by the brain as the body's ALARM system, so that we can move out of harms way. And that includes sounding an alarm, or alerting others that some form of rescue plan is necessary.
    Talk about a limbless body or worse yet, a dead one from an incoherence of being able to feel pain, fright and/or alarm. Danger signals are meant to preserve life!

    If what is happening all around us does not yet meet YOUR standard of radical and desperate, then perhaps another "thread" sans 'Ellen Jamesians' (The World According to Garp)," e.t.c., e.t.c., may be of better use to you. Just a thought.

  66. Perhaps the immediate above response shall be, how shall I say, erm, "less disguised."

  67. Fine. Be an alarmist. Good for you. Bravo!

    You REALLY believe an alarmist's attitude will get us out of this mess?

    Look at some of the comments above, for God's sake---have you READ them??
    People are yammering about everything short of The Golden Calf and human sacrifice already!

    (I was really commenting on how John Doty has refrained from much further comment, particularly as he must have noticed some of the comments were getting kind of, shall we say, NUTTY?!).

    Hey, I don't blame him (and thus my previous comment).

    Now if you REALLY believe you are reacting to a solitary incident, then go ahead and react with alarm as you wish.

    But this ISN'T a solitary or isolated incident. This is entropy. This is the earth atrophying us away.

    This is Koyaanisqatsi. This really IS 'Life out of balance'.

    Listen, if there's a fire in a crowded theater, you get up and run out screaming, of course. Good choice.

    This, however, is different.

    This is a kaleidoscope of too many 'unforced human errors' all coming down to bear on us all at once and its target is the Gulf Of Mexico.

    But it's by no means isolated.

    Hey, go gracefully or go kicking and screaming and UNACCEPTING, if you so choose.

    Knock yourself out.

  68. Based upon your follow up -- it is quite possible that I have misunderstood what you were intending convey in your previous commentary and vice-versa. Alas, this is much too frequently the nature of not being able to have a discourse face-to-face.
    In the face of an emergency, whether fire, ambulatory service, or screaming for help from the police as one's life is being threatened at gun-point, all of which I have experienced, there are indeed cases where it is not only called for, it is life saving.
    My general thesis however, is NOT at all the sounding of an alarm for its own sake, but rather, paying heed to what is going on in the world and doing what we must to affect worldwide equilibrium.
    My responses generally on this thread have been to acknowledge the editor's observations, but also to make sure that I balance out the rather grim presentations with my belief that making changes within ourselves and in the world around us, shall create a winning solution to the current ills this globe is facing.
    In our culture, we have had for too long a tendency to drown out our senses by fan-fairing the mantra USA and hiding from those things about us that are not so easy to swallow. One of those things include gouging into the body of the earth to extract oil without fully appreciating the cost to the health of our planet. And for this, we are now -- some of us anyway -- being royally schooled about how truly connected everyone and everything is to each other.

  69. Amen.

    The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dum... shadow and flame.

    — Saruman, The Lord of the Rings

  70. On the OTHER hand....

    ...(not saying I believe this...but like I said earlier, there's a lot of nuttiness appearing at the edge of the abyss).

  71. Ominous news:

    There have been NO SEAGULLS seen at the pier in Destin, Florida in the past week.

    They're usually there in droves.

    This is particularly bad as seagulls can eat just about anything and are almost like the aviary world's answer to the cockroach in terms of hardiness.

    If THOSE creatures are disappearing, people better start packing real soon!

  72. Hi to everyone. I just discovered one video on YouTube, where it is clearly stated that it is merely a bluff and there is no oil leak whatsoever. Please, watch and make your own conclusions:
    And for those who doubts that it could be a bluff, here is an article that at last deals with the Chernobyl so-called 'disaster' (it is in two lagnuages Spanish and English):
    Take life easy. The Lord God will not allow you to create the End of the World. It is definitely His privilege.

  73. I'm a retired firefighter and am somewhat familiar with figuring out how much water is flowing from pipes and hoses.

    Back on May 17, I used some basic firefighting math that we use to figure out the correct amount of water needed to fight a house fire.

    Knowing that it was a 20" pipe flowing out oil, I figured that around SEVEN MILLION GALLONS of oil per day was spewing out of the Deepwater site.

    Take that times 75 days and you'll get an idea of how much oil has really poured into our Oceans.

    Is my figure correct? Can't say for sure, unless they used a Pitot gauge--a gauge used to determine how much water is flowing out of a hydrant--to check how much oil is flowing, but I'm ready to bet a six-pack my figure of 7 million gallons of oil per day is a lot closer to the truth than all the lies we've been told about how much is or has flowed.

  74. It looks like the "End of Life as we know it" will come, certenly will come, sooner or later, but not now, and not for this issue.


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  78. Okay, I have to put in my two cents here.

    This guy (I will refer to him as DA short for Dumb Ass from now on) who wrote this is either full of crap or just wanting to scare people.

    Either way his statements are full of inaccuracies.

    I have some past experience in the oil and gas industries working on well rigs and in refineries and currently with manufacturing where one of my responsibilities is as facility safety officer dealing with OSHA & EPA regulations daily.

    So here we go.


    Its Benzene not Benzine, The current OSHA/EPA limit for a human is 5ppm (parts per million), which is 5000ppb (parts per billion).

    Benzene is a normal component of fossil fuels, it is also used in manufacturing. That plastic bottle of pure artesian well water you just drank has benzene in it so according to DA, all you health hippies drinking water should go find some place to go die now.

    DA states that the well is emitting 3000ppb well that’s about the average for a producing wellhead, so no surprise there. So maybe he is just saying don’t go stick your face right into an oil well, if that’s the case I would agree that you probably would die if you did that.


    Hydrogen Sulfide, The current OSHA/EPA limit for a human is 20ppm (parts per million), which is 20,000ppb (parts per billion).

    Again Hydrogen Sulfide is a normal component of fossil fuels and it is also used in manufacturing. It is also naturally produced by the decomposition of organic materials like dead plants and animals.

    Again DA states that the well is emitting 1200ppb, which is actually low for a producing wellhead.

    DA says, “If we breathe more than 5 to 10ppb we die”… Very interesting since a fart contains about 500 to 1000ppb, OH, now I understand that silent but deadly phrase.

    Third, oh yeah its getting better.

    Methylene Chloride, The current OSHA/EPA limit for a human is 25ppm (parts per million), which is 25,000ppb (parts per billion).

    Again Methylene Chloride is a normal component of fossil fuels and it is also used in manufacturing. It is in paint, glue, and pharmaceuticals.

    ARRRG! Get that Tylenol away from me you murderer.

    Again DA states that the well is emitting up to 3,400ppb, and humans have a maximum survivability level of 61ppb.

    In reality at 50,000ppb you may feel lightheaded or get a headache.

    Forth, and finally (I’m sure your are glad I’m almost done).

    About that 70,000psi thing, drilling rigs hit gas pockets all the flippin time, 100,000psi is not uncommon, think how much a mile of earth weighs DUH! The pressure valve failed, that is obvious, but not because of extraordinary pressure, it probably failed because it was made in chine by workers that make two dollars a day. I am also the water jet process engineer at work, it pressurizes the water to 60,000psi and guess what the pressure output is controlled by, hum.. Give up? It not hardened steel, not titanium, not even kryptonite but a simple brass pop valve, yep, just brass.

    Sorry to go off, it just pisses me off when I see such stupid people passing off bad information as fact and scaring the hell out of people just to advance there liberal, tree hugging, PETA petting, carbon taxing agendas.

    Done now.

  79. We all seem to blindly accept that oil is a necessity.We can reduce our dependence on OIL because OIL is a fossil fuel.

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