Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canada and Bilderberg: New Best Friends

By now you have most likely heard of the Bilderberg Group. The shadowy organization that meets once a year, usually at a fine resort somewhere in the world. The security frenzy is immense and unrivaled by any other secret gathering in the world. That's because the attendees are political figures, corporate kings, royalty and global strategists. Up until a few years ago you wouldn't hear a whisper about it from the mainstream media. These days though, it's a lot harder to pull that feat off. A simple Google News search will reveal hundreds of articles about their latest gathering in Spain in early June.

People are whisked in and out in tinted cars through back entrances and underground car ports. Concerned and well-informed citizens dot the thoroughly enforced perimeter with cameras, trying to capture any images that might reveal an identity. No unauthorized people are allowed anywhere near the event. Nothing discussed is made public. A yearly meeting of the most powerful people on the planet and we don't get to know what they talk about. Look at how far we have come since the days of monarchs and dictators.

Canada made a good showing at this year's conference. At least five Canadians attended the four day gathering in Spain earlier this month, including: CBC's Peter Mansbridge; former premier and ambassador Frank McKenna; Robert Prichard, the president of Ontario's Metrolinx; Indigo Books' Heather Reisman; and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell. At first, Gordon's team wouldn't comment on it. Until the evidence forced them to respond. It was revealed Gordon went on the B.C. taxpayer's dime. Don't worry though. In a vomit-inducing mischaracterization of the annual meeting's far from altruistic purpose, as documented by reporters like Jim Tucker and author Daniel Estulin, Campbell said, "We talked about how is it possible to feed the world and what are the barriers that are in the way of us actually accomplishing that goal." What does he take us for? Complete zombies?

We don't really know why Campbell was at the Bilderberg meeting. Because they won't tell us why they meet. But we do know that interest on public debt costs Canadians $170-million a day. Canada doesn't borrow from the Bank of Canada anymore, it borrows nearly all of it's money from private banks. Banks heavily represented at Bilderberg. To which we owe interest. Up until 1938 we had been borrowing from our own bank at near zero interest.

In 1974, the Canadian government decided to stop borrowing from itself and start borrowing from private banks, essentially undoing the work of Prime Minister Mackenzie King. In 1938, he changed the Bank of Canada from a private company to a crown corporation. It took only 36 years for the bankers to work their way back in. The result was a huge increase in Canadian federal debt from $18-billion to $464-billion in 2009.

Taxes being imposed in B.C. and Ontario like the "Harmonized Sales Tax" shift tax burdens from corporations to working citizens. The HST is just one facet of Canada's push to compete with third-world countries with little or no corporate taxes, fees or regulations. Globalization. The lowering of living standards for the people of the world while increasing corporate profits. Higher taxes on the people will allow the government to pay back the interest to private banks while not upsetting big business, a worthy cause.

Campbell shows his true colors by attending an elite gathering of world power brokers and decision makers. The same type of people that support the bank bail-outs and IMF "austerity measures". The same people who cheer-lead for the off-shoring of jobs to foreign countries. So is Campbell going to listen to the public outcry and the wildly successful anti-HST initiatives? I wonder what his Bilderberg banker cronies would think of that.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Experts: Methane Disaster Could Kill Millions

How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions

Biggest Methane Eruption In Modern History

The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits. This just further compounds the problem by adding in more variables that we are ill-equipped to deal with or understand the ramifications of.

Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Relief Wells Are Useless, We Can't Stop This Oil Gusher

BP and their affiliated and unaffiliated spokespeople are hilarious. For the public, at least. Maybe that's their plan. They've decided that the situation is so hopeless that they will just put on a big comedy show for us with several acts. Behind closed doors, one can only imagine what happens when the facade ends. What are they talking about? What sort of contingencies and strategies are they actually considering? Surely they are not this naive, this ignorant. It makes no sense. So, the only logical conclusion we can come to is that they are entertaining us. So Maybe we should thank BP for their humorous sideshow.

The NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson is an oceanic research vessel. Stacked with scientists who have studied the Gulf for years and years. If we need to know what is happening, we have the Jefferson to turn to. No BP execs or shareholders, mainstream media puppets or government Bobbleheads.

The research vessel, which compiled research data late on Sunday, says that the oil flow is around 120,000 barrels per day. Over 5 million gallons a day (1 barrel =42 gallons). The report also found that an oil lake has formed below the water's surface that covers 40% of the Gulf of Mexico. Matt Simmons, oil industry veteran of more than 35 years, was on Bloomberg June 15th reiterating his unflinching position that the only way to stop this oil volcano is to nuke the rock and turn it into glass. He also said the relief wells are useless now that the well casing has been eroded.

We now know that BP was aware of cracks in the oil well up to two months before the explosion. They have obviously been misleading us on the flow rate estimates. The mainstream media is just a delivery vehicle for BP press releases. Stop listening. It will only distract you from the truth. "He is a fool who only sees the mischiefs that are past." -Homer

This thing is bad. It just gets worse everyday. And that isn't just an expression. This thing literally gets worse every single day. Every hour. The only reason you don't know that this is already bigger than the 1979 Ixtoc 1 spill is because you are being hand-fed BS. Forget about anything that has happened before. This isn't that. This is unique in history and will be remembered forever in the mind of man. On Sept. 2, 2009, BP hinted that there was around 250 million barrels of oil in the reserve they tapped. Although, since the leak started, they have realized its probably only 100 million barrels. In other words there's a lot of oil spewing but we have only just scratched the surface.

It's the classic question that everybody knows the answer to: If the government or a group knew that a mega disaster was underway but they also knew they couldn't do anything about it, would they tell you? The answer to this question is obviously "no". So don't expect to get a straight answer from BP or the spokespeople of various government groups. You look at the information and decide. You make the call. This is what is happening, what do you want to do about it? Do we think we are the invincible holders of all knowledge, impermeable to our own flaws and misguided pursuits? The forces we are trying to "contain" and "control" here are not subject to man's ego. They will make sure that we were fully prepared to take them on. They will use all of their power to test our so-called technology. Maybe we thought this was a game. It's not. And even if it was, could we win?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP and Government Inch Toward Truth

The flow is now estimated by government officials at 60,000 barrels per day. Don't believe the lower end of the estimates, they are just there to give BP wiggle room to declare success in their containment plans. The plans they had to suspend due to "a fire". As I wrote here weeks ago, while BP was adamant the flow was a paltry 5,000 barrels per day, the flow is at least 70,000 barrels per day. More than an Exxon Valdez every four days. If you are following this thing closely you will no doubt realize the flow rate out of this blown well is not the biggest issue here. They are only measuring from one leak site which is irrelevant knowing the oil is breaching on several sites along the ocean floor.

BP and their government minions will continue to "update" their estimates as they are confronted with undeniable mountains of evidence. So don't wait for BP to tell you it is bad. Don't wait for Obama to "kick ass". It's time the people and the states took responsibility for the God-given natural bounty that is the Gulf of Mexico region and start kicking some ass of their own.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It

This is it. It's over. Get ready for the most insane year of your life. 5 years. 10 years. One day you will look back at your life right now and think about how easy it was, how innocent. We are on the cusp of total collapse, right at the precipice.

If you're like most people you probably have already decided that I am exaggerating without knowing why I am saying this. Well let me make it clear that I also wish I was exaggerating. I don't sell survival equipment or gold. My job is not recession proof. I have a family. I didn't wake up today and randomly decide to declare that this is the end of life as we know it. But I do research. I make calls and tune into radio, scouring the internet for news clips and analysis. I make a concerted effort to only quote trustworthy sources. The information that has emerged over the past few days confirms fears that this is actually an "Armageddon" event. I am being completely serious.

Check it: The oil, spewing out at 20,000 to 70,000 psi, and the sediment within it has eroded the very walls of the well itself in several areas. This means that this is now an uncontainable gusher that is literally spewing oil up from dozens of sites across the gulf floor. The massive oil pocket tapped under immense pressure is now spewing out into the seabed. Capping the well does nothing. The oil pocket is tapped, the pipe is eroded and the oil is now spewing up to the ocean floor with intense pressure. Plumes are being generated everywhere. They cannot stop this. Human technology cannot contain a liquid at that pressure, especially at that depth under the ocean. We simply do not have the technology or know-how to fix this. We don't. The relief wells are essentially useless now because the original well cannot be plugged so oil will always flow out of it regardless of how many other wells they dig. They needed to get into the pipe, fill the old pipe with mud and cement and then divert the oil into the new well. But because the tapped oil pocket is sand blasting itself routes to the surface that grow each day in diameter due to the eroding walls and passageways, there is no "well" to fill. That is because whats left of the well is already dissolving. And each day that passes until they drill their so-called "relief wells" will only see the oil finding new routes through the escapes it has carved through erosion of the pipes and rock. Thad Allen, the head of the US Coast Guard, has said that the oil isn't all flowing up the pipe anymore but is now "in communication" with the seabed and the surrounding soft rock formation. It is now blasting its own wells.

Ya, that's bad, but that isn't even the scary part. Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and other toxic gases are also spewing out along with the oil. In concentrations hundreds and thousands of times greater than what is considered safe for humans. Lethal levels. When the hurricanes come they will absorb this toxic seawater and drop it as rain. Literally toxic rain. Let me guess, toxic rain doesn't scare you. The biggest threat is already actualized with the chemicals entering the atmosphere and being carried around by the wind.

“The media coverage of the BP oil disaster to date has focused largely on the threats to wildlife, but the latest evaluation of air monitoring data shows a serious threat to human health from airborne chemicals emitted by the ongoing deepwater gusher,” the Institute for Southern Studies blog reported on May 10.

Any one of these chemicals in these concentrations would be lethal. Mixed together it's truly unthinkable.

The fragile US economy, in the midst of a feeble attempt at a jobless recovery, overstretched by war and out of control spending is not equipped to handle a disaster of this magnitude. No country in the world could. Remember how well they handled the Katrina thing? This makes Katrina look like a grade school fire drill. Well I wonder how well they will do this time as they prepare to evacuate entire cities and states. See this and this. Once the evacuations begin the markets will tank. Once people are forced to grasp what is happening around them the global economy will come to a screeching halt as it's engine, the USA, sinks into the throes of the worst environmental disaster in the history of the world. This will cause a dollar confidence crisis. Enraged citizens will riot and loot with no hope of a decent life ahead of them. Martial law will be declared.

They have no way to stop this, only a theory that maybe a nuke would implode the oil pocket. Ya, we're talking about nuking the earths crust under the ocean. Eventually the oil will make it's way around the world as the entire oil deposit is unleashed into the ocean.

Are you buying the crap coming from BP? The bogus press releases and the downplayed assessments? They've been lying through their teeth, censoring the media and destroying evidence. If you trust them, you have some problems.

BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath Sea floor