Friday, June 18, 2010

Biggest Methane Eruption In Modern History

The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits. This just further compounds the problem by adding in more variables that we are ill-equipped to deal with or understand the ramifications of.

Gulf oil full of methane, adding new concerns


  1. I suspect the beginning of a planned Armageddon occurred on 11th September, 2010 and has extended to the BP oil spill and multiple "natural disasters" including the tsunami in Asia, Katrina in Louisiana, and the most recent earthquake in Haiti. We - all of earth's people, are witnessing an all-out assault as war is being waged upon us, albeit clandestinely.
    What we are both witnessing and experiencing now, may in fact be the emergence of a Third World War in a way that we have not expected. Where once, the color of your skin or your gender seemed to save you, there shall no longer be any such farce of a "safety net;" for, those who played the game of racial hatred with the big dogs, wherein they were a party to the oppression of others deemed not like us, or any other such depraved obscenity to keep us disconnected, those participants themselves shall now be eaten by those same dogs they were once only to happy to play with. Many of us have stupidly incurred upon ourselves a karma so enormous, we may never be able to repay our debt of suffering in merely a single life-time. Folks, stop following, emulating, and believing in the EL-ITES (elites), they're truly NOT what they appear as -- note, I did not say, they are not WHO they appear-to-be, but rather, they're not what they appear AS. They are a what, not a who. But that's for another commentary.
    Nonetheless, there is hope for those who are ready to effectuate change, first within ourselves, and next to those things within our experience that we want to make whole and balanced. It is to those individuals to whom I direct my comments.
    To you who are ready, listen now: You have enormous spiritual and mental capabilities which have been deliberately misdirected and hidden from you. You ARE powerful. WE are powerful. Don't stop THINKING. The human mind is powerful. We can think our way out of any apparition, lie, war and confusion. We need NO other tool except that of our minds. Therefore, start now to harness and use the power and might of all of your thoughts.

  2. c.sitter,

    Please tell us more! I am in Florida. You can contact me through my blog.

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