Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mexican Murderer and Rapist Didn't Get Fair Trial: UN

Leal Garcia is not your model immigrant. In addition to entering the country illegally, leapfrogging thousands of diligent applicants, he also raped, tortured and killed a 16 year-old girl in 1994. There was a trial, the evidence was incontrovertible. A Texas jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death.

16 years later, it was finally time for his execution to take place. This was when the UN decided to step-in and point out that Leal had never received access to a consular official from Mexico and therefore didn't get a fair trial. Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to sway Texas Gov. Rick Perry from going ahead with it. The victim's mother, Rachel Terry, on the other hand, had called for the execution to go ahead as planned.

"A technicality doesn't give anyone a right to come to this country and rape, torture and murder anyone, in this case my daughter," she told CNN affiliate KSAT in San Antonio. "It's been difficult for myself and her family members," she added. "She certainly was taken away from us at a very young age. We just want closure."

I would have to say I agree. Luckily, the state of Texas agreed as well, executing Garcia by lethal injection on Thursday. A number of UN officials and Leal's legal team expressed regret over what they called an unjust execution. Unjust because of a technicality.

News flash: you know what is unjust? A 16 year-old girl being raped. Being tortured. Being murdered. Who are these UN clowns? You don't rape and kill anyone, especially an under-aged girl. Obama and Hillary's final pleas prove they are UN shills and sock-puppets, waiting for their master to make them dance. I did a lot of things last week. Arguing on behalf of a murdering rapist wasn't one of them.

Maybe that's why I get good sleep at night. And with a scumbag like Leal Garcia gone now, I'm sure the Terry family will be able to get some rest now, too.

CNN article here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ron Paul Wins Texas

It seems Ron Paul may be the Republican contender in 2012 and Texas may help put him there.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Insider Geithner Exiting as Econonmy Set to Implode

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Timothy thinks that now would be a good time to vacate his treasury position.

Bloomberg article here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LA Times: Ron Paul Won Debate

'Ron Paul may be a long-shot candidate to some, but the conservative congressman from Texas received more than twice as many rounds of applause as his opponents at Monday night's GOP debate.

According to our friends at the Baltimore Sun, Paul was applauded 11 times while Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty were applauded five times each. Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain were applauded four times each. Rick Santorum brought up the rear by only being applauded three times during the two-hour CNN debate.'

Read full article here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bilderberg Security Assaults EU Member

Italian politician, member of the Northern League, and member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Mario Borghezio, was beaten and arrested by Bilderberg Security yesterday as he attempted to enter the meeting and protest its secretive globalist agenda. He was reportedly accompanied by other EU members.

Remarkably, Borghezio’s maltreatment went unreported in the United States. This would be analogous to the beating of a member of Congress going unreported by the media.

Read More At Infowars

Monday, May 30, 2011

Confirmed: Troops on Ground in Libya

Al-Jazeera news clip proves that western troops are on the ground in Libya

Despite numerous claims that no ground invasion of Libya was on the table after the UN Resolution which authorized limited strikes on Gaddafi's military assets, we now know that troops are indeed on the ground and most likely being directed by western intelligence agencies. This is all despite the fact that the UN security council resolution in March specifically excludes "a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory". Which means that this already illegal assault on a sovereign nation just became an even grander display of the disregard these imperialists have for the rule of law.

(The "opposition" in the video above are fluent in English and one of them appears to also have a western accent.)

Monday, May 2, 2011

You Are Not American

Our forefathers wouldn't even be able to look us in the eye. We don't even deserve to call ourselves American. The country is in the depths of a prolonged recession/depression. The banksters have raided our coffers and we still owe them non-existent sums of money in interest. Nobody who signed the declaration of independence saw this as the end result. Either fight for what the founders of this country fought for, or be courageous enough to admit that you are not American, but part of a new nation. A nation who's government is not accountable to the Bill of Rights or Constitution. A nation who accepts Presidential edicts and orders. A nation that watches it's people perish as it allows it's government to launch a third, grotesquely misrepresented war without even so much as a peep. The founders of this country were bold men and women. Don't do them the disfavor of comparing today's Americans to them.

Does it mean anything? Debt ceilings becoming trivial. The crashing dollar. China surpassing us in manufacturing jobs. The two wars we have wanted to get out of for years are merely being ramped up. And in the midst of all of this OUR "representatives" decide that the most prudent course of action at this point is to launch a new war. And what was the reaction of the American people to this disgrace: nothing. We watched tv and ate our frozen dinners. Not even a peep out of this great country, the home of the brave. Maybe it should be "Land of the slaves and home of the cowards." But don`t worry. We got Bin Laden.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

UN Wars and Bretton Woods II: World Government Is No Longer the Future

Sometimes it seems like people are waiting for a Hollywood-style, red carpet and podium announcement of the arrival of the New World Order. A secretive agenda, which is becoming apparent to anyone taking a good hard look at the world around us, has been playing out over hundreds of years, guided by dynastic bloodlines, royal families and prominent banking lineages. Their methodology is one of incrementalism and patience. No need to conquer Europe. Simply initiate a trade agreement which over the years is purposely molded and morphed into a full-fledged union. This slow and steady, master craftsman (think stone mason ;) approach is echoed in countless examples around the globe and throughout the last 300 years. This is precisely why we will never arrive at a day when we will look at the front page of our newspaper and decide how we feel about the pronouncement: New World Order Officially Declared. Because the fact is, it's already here.

9/11 happened. So we went and attacked Afghanistan, with US and British intelligence claiming that the Tailban had been behind the planning of the attacks. The CIA requires Afghanistan to produce Opium. It fuels the global heroin trade which, amongst other narcotics and illicit materials, allows the CIA to operate outside of the watch of Congress because it doesn't need it's budget approvals. That's why we went into Afghanistan. And, Iraq=Oil, everyone knows that.

[I want to use this opportunity to quickly tell you a bit about my blog. This isn't the kindergarten of truth. I can't (and don't) waste my time bringing everyone up to speed. I know that the lion's share of my readers are people who have studied many subjects on their own time and are aware of a large number of truths which the general public would consider "far-fetched". If I say 9/11 was a false flag attack or that banking oligarchs have hijacked the governments of the industrialized world, don't get too miffed that I don't hotlink the sentence. My blog isn't aimed at Joe the Plumber.]

Getting back to our war on terrorism, I think we can agree it is abundantly clear that the two main fronts of this war, Afghanistan and Iraq, are illegitimate and indeed antithetical to the so-called goal of eliminating radical elements of Islam. The citizens of America, Canada, Britain and the other western nations are overwhelmingly opposed to these wars and want their troops home immediately. So our governments' answer to this demand? Expand the war to include Pakistan, Yemen and now, of course, Libya.

Libya is special for a lot of reasons, most notably because of what happened in the United States before the war was launched. (I refuse to use Orwellian terms like no-fly zone, kinetic military action, humanitarian effort. War is war.) The United States Constitution couldn't be clearer in it's declaration that only Congress has the power to bring the US into armed conflict. Yet when the UN dictated that military intervention was necessary in Libya, Obama didn't feel that Congress needed to be consulted or briefed on the issue. After all, who needs Congress, the people's representatives, when you have a world governing body like the United Nations.

-Financial New World Order-

Bretton Woods 2.0. Convened by none other than globalist-corporatist, plutocratic extraordinaire, George Soros. Some of the hell-spawn generated out of the original meeting in 1944 includes the IMF and the World Bank. In case you are not aware of the grave atrocities committed by these groups, these two bodies have issued unsustainable debt to countless countries, after using economic hit men to induce the very conditions the countries needed bailing from. The main idea behind the Bretton Woods Conference was the notion of free trade and open markets. In Henry Morgenthau's farewell remarks at the conference, he stated that the establishment of the IMF and the World Bank marked the end of economic nationalism. In other words, the end of national economic sovereignty. Other stated goals were the privatization of national assets and deregulation in business and economic environments. The first Breton Woods established the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. George Soros has said that the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency. He has also convened Bretton Woods 2.0. All the United States has left is it's status as the world's reserve currency. Take that away and you have Rome 2.o. Soros has stated, "America should be replaced by a world government with a global currency under UN rule."

On January 25, 2010, New York Times published writer Andrew Sorkin's article, "Still Needed: A Sheriff of Finance".

"We need a global sheriff." Soros said in reference to the 2008 financial meltdown.

I'm assuming Soros had one of his puppet bodies in mind.

Citizens of the world. People of great nations founded on the blood of our ancestors and forefathers. Believers in freedom and defenders of liberty. Here is your headline: WORLD GOVERNMENT ARRIVES, PEOPLE LOSING BATTLE. Stop waiting for the right moment, stop waiting for the press release. The time for us to act is now. The global governors declare wars and control our currencies. In case you are unaware of how the world works, if you control these two functions of a society, you control the society. The New World Order isn't coming, it's here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Attack Machine Goes into Overdrive

Establishment obviously panicking as Alex Jones' radio show, movies and websites gain massive amounts of listeners, viewers and hits by the day.

How do you know when the establishment doesn't want you to know something and has something to fear? Follow the attack dogs. In the past weeks we have seen the mainstream media launch an unprecedented, full-scale assault on Alex Jones. Using diverse mouthpieces such as Rolling Stone and New York Magazine to target a wide audience, the attacks have also come from a flurry of other outlets such as Business Insider, Politico, Glenn Beck and a virtual library of hit pieces from Soros-backed Media Matters. It is interesting to note that David Brock, Media Matters founder, was a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a New World Order think-tank.

This barrage of attacks isn't just a random occurrence. This is a clear-as-can-be signal that the establishment media and globalist puppet-masters see Alex Jones as a significant threat to their agenda. With just under 7 million people visiting his website alone each month and millions listening to his radio broadcast daily, Alex Jones is far from just another guy with a webcam and a twitter page. He's making waves, big ones.

These numbers only tell a part of the story though. For every video or soundbite that Alex releases, countless people online chop, splice, repost, remix and reuse the clips which makes getting an actual idea of how many people Alex Jones is reaching nearly impossible. His aggregate audience size dwarfs any one of his "competitors" and if you were to include the amount of hits his 20+ films have garnered on youtube you would have to confront the possibility that Alex Jones is the biggest talk-radio show host in America.

How do you think this makes the globalists, banksters, plutocrats and corporatists feel? Afraid. Very afraid. Insert Glenn Beck, an attempt by the mainstream media to capture would-be Alex Jones listeners and distract them with a scientifically sanitized lite-version of Jones' show presented by the obviously bought-off Beck. See this and this. You can expect to see a steady stream of character assassinations, slanderous blogs and hit-pieces as Alex Jones' sphere of influence only grows and grows as Americans wake up to the reality around them.

If you think Alex Jones is just a paranoid conspiracy theorist with nothing to say of any value, maybe you should take a look at the reaction from the mainstream and establishment media. What is the reason for their sustained interest in attacking Alex Jones? Why do they spend so much time trying to convince us he is crazy? You decide, but consider this: How have people in the past been treated by those in power when they spoke the truth, especially when it threatened the status quo?

Friday, March 18, 2011


Adults love to scold children for lying or being deceitful. But really what they should do is show them how to get better at it. Because today it is those who are skilled in deceit and proficient in lying who occupy the most powerful and prominent positions in society.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gulf Grand Finale

Hello all you loyal blog readers who have actually been keeping tabs on what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. When I said that life as we know it was over, I meant it. Because the environmental repercussions of a disaster of that magnitude multiply through the butterfly effect. And the event itself was bad enough. But what caused a significant portion of the harm and trouble was the chemical and gmo intervention. These sci-fi attempts to mitigate the damage has, and will, only set off a chain reaction that will not be beneficial to the already stressed ecosystems and life beds of the world.

I am moving onto other subject matter. I have not given up, however, I do see the omnipotent power of the media in turning the public off to certain subjects once they have exhausted their revenue-generating lifespan. So examine the post below. Click the link and dive into the truth of what exists out there as a result of the gulf disaster. Don't be afraid to connect the dots; the bird deaths, the fish deaths, the birth defects etc. Just don't be ignorant to the truth. Don't be just another brick in the wall.

The Final News Story Gathering on the Gulf