Monday, February 7, 2011

Gulf Grand Finale

Hello all you loyal blog readers who have actually been keeping tabs on what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. When I said that life as we know it was over, I meant it. Because the environmental repercussions of a disaster of that magnitude multiply through the butterfly effect. And the event itself was bad enough. But what caused a significant portion of the harm and trouble was the chemical and gmo intervention. These sci-fi attempts to mitigate the damage has, and will, only set off a chain reaction that will not be beneficial to the already stressed ecosystems and life beds of the world.

I am moving onto other subject matter. I have not given up, however, I do see the omnipotent power of the media in turning the public off to certain subjects once they have exhausted their revenue-generating lifespan. So examine the post below. Click the link and dive into the truth of what exists out there as a result of the gulf disaster. Don't be afraid to connect the dots; the bird deaths, the fish deaths, the birth defects etc. Just don't be ignorant to the truth. Don't be just another brick in the wall.

The Final News Story Gathering on the Gulf