Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Attack Machine Goes into Overdrive

Establishment obviously panicking as Alex Jones' radio show, movies and websites gain massive amounts of listeners, viewers and hits by the day.

How do you know when the establishment doesn't want you to know something and has something to fear? Follow the attack dogs. In the past weeks we have seen the mainstream media launch an unprecedented, full-scale assault on Alex Jones. Using diverse mouthpieces such as Rolling Stone and New York Magazine to target a wide audience, the attacks have also come from a flurry of other outlets such as Business Insider, Politico, Glenn Beck and a virtual library of hit pieces from Soros-backed Media Matters. It is interesting to note that David Brock, Media Matters founder, was a research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a New World Order think-tank.

This barrage of attacks isn't just a random occurrence. This is a clear-as-can-be signal that the establishment media and globalist puppet-masters see Alex Jones as a significant threat to their agenda. With just under 7 million people visiting his website alone each month and millions listening to his radio broadcast daily, Alex Jones is far from just another guy with a webcam and a twitter page. He's making waves, big ones.

These numbers only tell a part of the story though. For every video or soundbite that Alex releases, countless people online chop, splice, repost, remix and reuse the clips which makes getting an actual idea of how many people Alex Jones is reaching nearly impossible. His aggregate audience size dwarfs any one of his "competitors" and if you were to include the amount of hits his 20+ films have garnered on youtube you would have to confront the possibility that Alex Jones is the biggest talk-radio show host in America.

How do you think this makes the globalists, banksters, plutocrats and corporatists feel? Afraid. Very afraid. Insert Glenn Beck, an attempt by the mainstream media to capture would-be Alex Jones listeners and distract them with a scientifically sanitized lite-version of Jones' show presented by the obviously bought-off Beck. See this and this. You can expect to see a steady stream of character assassinations, slanderous blogs and hit-pieces as Alex Jones' sphere of influence only grows and grows as Americans wake up to the reality around them.

If you think Alex Jones is just a paranoid conspiracy theorist with nothing to say of any value, maybe you should take a look at the reaction from the mainstream and establishment media. What is the reason for their sustained interest in attacking Alex Jones? Why do they spend so much time trying to convince us he is crazy? You decide, but consider this: How have people in the past been treated by those in power when they spoke the truth, especially when it threatened the status quo?

Friday, March 18, 2011


Adults love to scold children for lying or being deceitful. But really what they should do is show them how to get better at it. Because today it is those who are skilled in deceit and proficient in lying who occupy the most powerful and prominent positions in society.