Saturday, May 29, 2010

Top Kill Fails, BP Still Won't Admit They Can't Contain Leak

But, of course, now they are "confident" that their Plan D will work. BP says they will just use "robot submarines to cut off the source of the leak, a damaged riser, and cap it with a containment valve that's already resting on the sea floor." Oh, of course. The robot submarines. Well why didn't they say so? In that case, light up the cigars and pop the champagne! Four days, they say, to complete the new operation. Let's check back in on Wednesday.

Top Kill Fails

Massive Oil Plumes Destroying Ocean Life

Toxic Rain Could Destroy North America

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  1. There is more that one dire leak going on for BP. As BP spends approximately $22 million US dollars each day on cleaning the spill and attempting to stop in, funds are been hemorrhaged out of the company at an ever increasing rate. The company's market capitalization has plummited $53.2 billion or nearly 30% since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20th. With repeat failures and no feasible solution in sight, BP seems to been desperately attempting to preserve their their company and capital by reassuring that their efforts are "going to plan" (CEO Tony Hayward on May 26th). Four days later, BP has openly admitted their top kill plan has failed (without providing any reason) and that their other options including another type of containment device, the LMRP, may not prove successful. Obama's top environmental advisor, Carol Browner, said that shearing the riser pipes could unleash much more oil and questions how possible it would be to achieve a snug fit on the leak. Ultimately, BPs funds for this emergency response will dry up, they'll likely incur more liability to the point that they're insolvent, shareholder's will sue, and the oil may still be gushing. So until other nations and citizens can stop speculating over BPs feeble, unconvincing attempts to contain the spill and contribute to the effort (in terms of funds and human ingenouity), BP will continue to frantically design plans and attempt them with with haste while they try to downplay and deny the gravity of the leak(s).

    It's a terrifying situation, each day seems to get worse. Now, BPs workers are being rushed into emergency rooms complaining about symptoms like nausea and dizzyness among others. Hopefully more powerful entities and organizations will contribute their resources to contain the spill otherwise they - along with the rest of us - will reach our imminent demise.