Sunday, September 26, 2010

Through Madrid I went. It was hot. My good friend Chris came and met me about 4 days into it. I was transitioning in Spain's biggest city. With only time and cities ahead of me I really didn't have any expectations. So I just wandered the streets at my own pace. Reading JFK by Fletcher Prouty. The factual account of the creation of the CIA, their creation of the Vietnam "war" and their eventual assassination of America's last real president.

We went to Barcelona and enjoyed the beach. We led people on pub crawls through the city we knew nothing about. It pays to be leaders. Fry sandwiches were eaten in Brussels, crazy amounts of beer on tap. Delirium had over 2500 beers. Amsterdam took us higher and we ate at Van Dobben.

Met back up with my wife in London. We cruised the Tube and saw Corfe Castle. Reminded me of the shifting nature of power structures and the constant battle between the masses and those who wish to consolidate power.

Julia and I went to Helsinki to establish her story. Herstory. She met her birth mother for the first time there. On next to Paris. We leave tomorrow. I am working on a piece, some music, learning a production software. Stay posted.

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