Monday, July 19, 2010

Google Spies, Censors Users

Check out the proof here.

Please, google the phrase "google spies, censors users".

The establishment has been panicking at how, the Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic are the top google trends. Google subsequently removed the terms. Now the resistance is urging you to google the phrase above to show that we cannot be "deleted".

Shake things up with just 2 minutes of your day.


  1. Boats in the gulf can't find any oil to clean up! Hey dude where is my oil? No oil lots of corexit. Easy to see why psychopaths don't want to discuss asphalt volcano, red tar, not oil.

    It is looking like the oil wasn't that big a problem to begin with but the corexit certainly is, poisoned air, poisoned sea food. Unbelievable.

    Here is Eastman's take.

    It seems that dengue fever breaking out all over Florida has the same symptoms as corexti poisoning and rupture of red blood cells.

  2. Pick your cataclysmic end of our current socioeconomic system:

    1. BP oil spill - it got me worked up initially but it appears to have been removed from my radar. I don't think it is over by any stretch, but I think we will be seeing bigger problems unfold elsewhere before the true devastation of this event takes hold.

    2. War with Iran - this one has legs. Especially after the blatant terrorist attack by the Israelis on the Gaza Aid Flotilla brought no reaction from the US and their masters. This suggests that the US is poised to stand arm in arm with Israel against Iran at the first opportunity.

    3. Complete global economic collapse - this is in progress and will probably escalate the motive to invade Iran or a host of other nations that don't like being controlled by the US and their masters. My guess, based on hours of research in this area, is that we we will see an economic downturn that will dwarf the great depression. We will see this before 2010 is thru. With it will come armed communities defending their homes and property, marshall law which will lead to revolution, food shortages, a complete halt of the `global economy` and a quick return to community based resource management.

    4. Chem trails/Pandemics/Chemicals - these I am not too sure about. Yes, they do all exist and are carried out under a cloak of secrecy, but I am not clear on the intent. The pain is long term - cancer, health costs etc.

    5. Energy costs/Peak Oil - energy costs are rising, here in the Pacific Northwest we are looking at $1.20/ltr cdn. Remember what happened when it hit $1.50? The global trade infrastructure is not designed to handle expensive energy. I am not so convinced of Peak Oil, but I do believe the research in this area is solid. I just think that humans are more adaptable than we give them credit for. Anyway, back to high energy prices - this will lead to many of the same things as item 3.

    6. 2012 - It sure does seem like a lot of religions, historians, philosophers, astrophysicists, astronomers and peoples throughout time and around the globe all believe something is going to happen during this period in time. Personally, I 100% believe it, I mean all you need to do is stop watching TV and take a look around. We are in a real mess on every level and it all seems to be pointing toward an end sometime between now and 2012. As easy as it is to brush this off as `crazy` or `misguided`, there is simply to much historical evidence to ignore.

    There are a few other areas I could throw down, but I trust you get the picture. As Mr Doty pointed out ``This is it, this is the end as we know it``, well I have to agree, but for different reasons.

    Is there a fix for this? No - we are going to have to go through some serious pain as a species before we come out on the other side. No democratic system in our galaxy can fix this, no science, no economic magic and unfortunately we have no time left for education to fix this. Nope, we are heading toward the cliff and there isn`t anything any of us can do to stop it.

    Which brings up the concept of adaption. This is where we really need to be focusing our collective energies. Whether it is thru your family, your community, your work - prepare yourself and your loved ones for what is coming. Put down the dream of a college education for your kids and pick up the reality of knowing how to grow food, defend yourself and participate in the coming economy, an economy in which crime thrives and infrastructure collapses.

    I have been without cable TV for 2 yrs now - it is so painfully obvious how hypnotized the general population is.

    As Emiliano Zapata once said: ``I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees`` - well I think it is time we get up off our knees.

    Don`t be afraid of what is coming, embrace it. And most importantly, start standing up to the system that put us here, for it is this system that will lure you to the edge of the cliff before pushing you off.

    Peace and Love.