Monday, May 2, 2011

You Are Not American

Our forefathers wouldn't even be able to look us in the eye. We don't even deserve to call ourselves American. The country is in the depths of a prolonged recession/depression. The banksters have raided our coffers and we still owe them non-existent sums of money in interest. Nobody who signed the declaration of independence saw this as the end result. Either fight for what the founders of this country fought for, or be courageous enough to admit that you are not American, but part of a new nation. A nation who's government is not accountable to the Bill of Rights or Constitution. A nation who accepts Presidential edicts and orders. A nation that watches it's people perish as it allows it's government to launch a third, grotesquely misrepresented war without even so much as a peep. The founders of this country were bold men and women. Don't do them the disfavor of comparing today's Americans to them.

Does it mean anything? Debt ceilings becoming trivial. The crashing dollar. China surpassing us in manufacturing jobs. The two wars we have wanted to get out of for years are merely being ramped up. And in the midst of all of this OUR "representatives" decide that the most prudent course of action at this point is to launch a new war. And what was the reaction of the American people to this disgrace: nothing. We watched tv and ate our frozen dinners. Not even a peep out of this great country, the home of the brave. Maybe it should be "Land of the slaves and home of the cowards." But don`t worry. We got Bin Laden.

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