Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lied to Public Still Believes The Official Story of BP Blowout

In a bizarre display of the zombified state of the American people, the public seems unable to reason that the pattern of lies and deceit leaves BP and government officials with zero credibility.

BP manages the access to the information and places which tell the real story. What are we, in Kindergarten? If you think you are informed about what happened, has happened, is happening or will happen, you are in critical need of a reality check. It's like the American people are an abused spouse. It doesn't matter how many times BP lies to them, they always end up believing the lies again. I mean, is BP the secret best friend of America? Am I the only one left out of the facebook group where everyone professes their undying love for the British oil giant? Well then wake up!

I got so many emails from people asking me what I thought now that the well was plugged. If the well was intact, structurally sound and actually capped, perhaps that would be something I could answer. But that isn't the case. Now, as though on cue, Thad Allen has admitted he has concerns with "the vital signs" of the well. Umm, Thad? News flash: the thing flat-lined back in April.

Massive death plumes roam the floor of the Gulf, where life begins. Who cares about toxic plumes though?! Right?! Researchers at the University of Georgia have confirmed that 80% of the oil released in the disaster is floating around the gulf underneath the surface. But maybe you believe the Obama Administration who says that 75% of the oil is "gone". It all went bye-bye. Government officials vs. university researchers. I wonder who has more credibility...

Then, one of the only insiders with the decency and the gumption to speak openly, Matt Simmons, dies of a "heart attack". Only the second easiest and most overused murder cover behind the ubiquitous "car accident". Just remember how emphatic he was that the leak site paraded around in front of the people was just a sideshow. There is a second, bigger leak. He maintained until his death that there was no way to stop this short of a nuclear blast.

The seabed is ruptured. Oil is leaking out through the ocean floor. The "well" that the media focuses on is beyond repair and just a distraction from the litany of problems occurring down there.

Accept that you aren't getting the real story. They have unleashed an Armageddon of problems and they don't have the first clue about how to stop it. You will be lied to because they feel that information should be given on a need-to-know basis. And in their estimation, you don't need to know.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Been Away, Now I'm Back

I have been on an undercover mission to uncover facts regarding the oil spill. I am now back home and ready to update everyone on whats going on down in the Gulf of Mexico. Matt Simmons' death is beyond suspect. I will be posting something weekly now that I am back, the first one in the next few days.